About us



The Knowlton Film Festival is commited to screening a panorama of films from Quebec, Canada and around the world. They include features and short films, fiction, drama, comedies and documentaries, as well as films for children. The next festival is set in 2022, in Knowlton’s magnificent Theatre Lac Brome. All screenings take place in the 161-seat main hall.

Our team !

Mme Michèle Bazin

President of the Board

Michèle Bazin, works for more than 35 years in Public Affairs.

John Griffin

Member of the Board

John Griffin, wrote about film and music for the Montreal Gazette for 30 years, president of the Jury for the Contest.

Nicholas K. Pynes

Member of the Board

Nicholas K. Pynes, initiator of the Knowlton Film Festival in 2018, Pianist and administrator Ballet Théâtre Sutton.

Micheline Brochu

Member of the Board

Micheline Brochu, lawyer, Business Law for more than 30 years.

Sylvain Viau

Member of the Board

Sylvain Viau, Creative Producer IceWorks Pictures.